Change is Coming

Are you ready for it?

We are just a few short days away from the gym scene in Hampshire changing for good.

The response from everyone in the area has been unbelievably positive, with most people demanding to know why we haven’t opened sooner!

We have already got a dedicated member base, desperate to get in and train, and the buzz in the gym is palpable.

The best moment of the gym build so far has been our pre-opening training sessions, for members already signed up and eager to train. Seeing the community making the most of our professional-level gym, training together, offering each other advice and working hard is everything Athlete Movement is about.

We’ve had everyone, from professional athletes to people who have never stepped foot in a gym before, training at our pre-opening sessions. Everyone inspiring each other and creating the sort of atmosphere that the other gyms in the area can only dream of.

The gym scene is evolving. Change is coming.

The question is; do you stick with the old way, which has left you uninspired and unappreciated, or do you choose a new path and #JoinTheMovement?