Why Join Athlete Movement?

It’s time for something new.

One question all our members have been faced with is; why should I join Athlete Movement?

There’s certainly no shortage of bog standard gyms in the East Hampshire area but Athlete Movement offers something completely different. You won’t find huge walls of treadmills and resistance machines, all for a monthly membership that brings tears to your eyes.

You certainly won’t find a long-term contract tying you in for the next year and a three-figure joining fee for the privilege of filling in an application form.

At Athlete Movement we take a different approach. We want you to feel part of our community and know that you are valued. This begins with our membership costs; just £30 a month (or £25 a month if you’re lucky enough to join before we open!) with no long-term contract – a simple, 30 day rolling membership.

The next step in our pledge to the Athlete Movement community is our equipment. No expense has been spared in making our gym, indoor studio and coffee & smoothie lounge the perfect place to train and reach your goals. We take pride in our gym and want our members to feel that as they walk in.

A significant difference to other local gyms is that we are not a faceless company looking to exploit our members by raising membership costs and switching off from your needs. Athlete Movement is constantly evolving, and members’ feedback is crucial. If you need a certain piece of equipment or want a class arranged for a different time, speak to us and we’ll work with you to get it done.

Our final promise to you is a simple one. Advice is always free. If you are after some training advice, help with a certain exercise, need a spotter or just want to chat about your goals we are always here to help.

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve built. It’s no coincidence that the most common thing people say as they walk through the doors is ‘this is amazing!’

Don’t believe us? Come down and #JoinTheMovement