All the new things we’ve added in 2023 😮
As we start to prepare for 2024 and all it will bring we wanted to look back on all the improvements we’ve made to Athlete Movement this year.
A full set of brand new dumbbells, now giving us; 2.5kg – 62.5kg in circular DBs alongside the 1kg – 32.5kg Hex DBs in our functional fitness area.
Complete Bathroom & Front of House refurbishment. Admittedly this is a few weeks behind schedule due to factors out of our control but it’s looking amazing and should be finished in two weeks.
450kg of extra plates. With so many new pieces of kit we felt like extra plates would help ensure you never run out when you need them.
A third Combo Rack & sixth power bar to support our dedicated Powerlifting community.
A huge delivery of 6 top of line Gym80 pieces of equipment you all requested; Pendulum Squat, Incline Press, Overhead Bicep, Abductor, Adductor and Dual Cable.
Two top of the line Keiser Spin Bikes.
Another 20kg Eleiko Competition Weightlifting Barbell. Pretty much the most expensive barbell in the world 🥵
34(!) different various cable attachments over the year to help you train movements precisely how you’d like.
These photos don’t include lots of other upgrades & replacements such as; the new climbing ropes, drop pads, log pads, sandbags, slam balls, wall balls, extra hex DBs, squat ramps, split squat stands, resistance bands, skipping ropes etc that we add every month without posting about 🫢
Looking back it has been a huge 2023 of upgrades to Athlete Movement. After a complete refurb in 2022. 2024 will continue the trend 😈
This is just what we do 💪