Question Time

We sit down with one of the world’s strongest men.

On August the 5th, Athlete Movement is lucky enough to be hosting a workshop with Harlequins RFC Strength & Conditioning Coach and World’s Strongest Man Athlete, Adam Bishop.

We had the chance to sit down with Bish before the workshop and find out a little more about how he became one of the world’s strongest men, and the difficulties of combining it with his job in professional rugby.

How did you get in to Strongman?

As a former professional rugby player, I always had a good base level of strength especially for my body-weight. One weekend at Uni, when I wasn’t playing, I went down to a dusty yard in Leicester to have a go on the kit. I took pretty well to it and started competing in the U105kg class originally.

What has been your biggest highlight at World’s Strongest Man competitions?

Taking 1st place in the keg toss for max height and taking joint first in the deadlift with Brian Shaw this year.

 How long have you been working as an S&C coach?

Seven years at Harlequins RFC

How important are deadlifts, squats and presses to your training and the training of the professional rugby players you coach?

The compound lifts that make up the power lifts are hugely important when building a base level of strength for my players. We work the basics hard and always include squats, presses and deadlift variations in our programme most of the year.

What has been your biggest take away from coaching seminars in gyms around the country?

Two main things stand out, firstly it amazes me how many people neglect the basics and are looking for a quick fix. Secondly it’s fantastic that more and more people are now having seminars in gyms and trying to learn proper technique. It’s great that people are investing in themselves.

How hard is it eating enough calories each day?

It is tough especially due to my busy work day. I’m trying to eat Every 2-3 hours which makes things difficult.

What are your goals for the next year?

Win Britain’s Strongest Man 2019

How are you going to celebrate when you beat Thor next year?!

Haha it might not happen next year or the year after – I’m in this sport for the long haul. My goal is to just get a little bit better every year. Can’t ask more of myself than that.

If you are looking to improve your bench press, deadlift and squat techniques speak to us about booking your place for Adam’s workshop on August 5th. The workshop is aimed at all ability levels and tickets are selling fast!