COVID-19 Closure

Information for Members of Athlete Movement

It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that Athlete Movement is closed for the foreseeable future. Following the Government’s recent rulings and restrictions to help prevent the Coronavirus from spreading further, all gyms nationwide have been informed that they must close to their members.

We would like to reassure all members of Athlete Movement that we will be reopening our doors to you as soon as the Government removes these restrictions and deem it safe for the public to attend gyms again. Until then, we will keep our doors locked but will remain fully contactable on all social media platforms and by email.

The first question the majority of you will have is; what happens to our monthly direct debit payments? We understand that the future is uncertain for many of you, particularly regarding finances as you may be self-employed or facing a reduction in working hours. We are asking you to stay with us and trust that we will be rewarding and refunding you in the future.

Since we opened Athlete Movement in June 2018, we have used all profits to improve the gym equipment and services on offer. It is our intention to keep this up and continue to improve Athlete Movement once we reopen. We have some big plans and, though this enforced closure has forced us to postpone them until we are allowed to reopen, we intend to fulfil them!

Our immediate plans are to offer staggered refunds over a period of six months once we open our doors again, to anyone who would like one. We have received an overwhelming number of messages from members insisting they do not wish to be refunded as they want Athlete Movement to be able to reopen but this option will be open to anyone who requests it once we reopen. An example of this process would be; you pay £29.99 for the month of April and we are closed, we are then permitted to open in May and will refund April’s payment over the following six months making your membership payment £5 cheaper for that period. Should we be required to remain closed for a period longer than a month we will update you as to a revised schedule on refunds but the policy will remain the same.

This is a unique scenario and whilst larger franchise / chain gyms have the backing of global multi-million/billion pound holding companies, we are a local, independent company who rely on the support of our members. Until now, this has been one of the major strengths of Athlete Movement and we appreciate you all staying with us and putting your trust in us to navigate this period.

Some of you may be wondering, what will we be offering to you during this period of closures? We are currently planning, filming and editing a host of home workouts for you to engage with. These workouts will keep you moving and require next to no equipment at all, just some space to move. We will also be releasing a block of programming for you to work through at home alongside these video workouts.

If you have any specific requirements we would be happy to put together a personalised plan for you, feel free to get in touch with us and we can have a chat about your needs.

As a staff team we will be making the most of this time to fully clean and decorate the gym. We wish to be as productive as possible during this closure and will be working every hour possible to make progress during this worrying period.

We are intent on reopening with a bang so be ready for a huge reopening day with free food, drink and a party spirit that will take us long into the night. Athlete Movement is special, if we do say so ourselves, and that is because of the community and each and every one of you. It will be a day to remember when we can all finally get back together again.

We appreciate all of you staying with us. The future is bright, we just need to be patient.

Please keep in touch, let us know how you’re doing and tag us in everything on social media so we can share your efforts.

See you soon,

Luke & Tim