How to lose weight in two weeks

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At Athlete Movement we promote a sustained, long term approach to weight loss for our members. However sometimes you just need to lose a few pounds to squeeze into that dress, feel confident on the beach and, most importantly, comfortable in your own skin.

Quick fixes can be great for achieving a small short-term goal however it is important to know the safest way to achieve them without harming your long-term progress. Eating balanced meals and exercising regularly should form the majority of all efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle. For those seeking a quick blast of weight loss in two weeks these are our recommended tips.

Achieving a caloric deficit is the most important part of any weight loss effort and the starting point for any short-term challenge. A caloric deficit is achieved by either decreasing your calorie intake through nutrition or increasing your calorie output through exercise until the amount of calories you are using throughout the day is more than you are consuming. If you’re a snacker, cut out those snacks first and foremost! Eating healthier, unprocessed foods like vegetables, complex carbohydrates such as rice and potatoes and lean proteins instead of calorie dense foods like takeaways and sugary sweets is the easiest way to revitalise your nutrition and kickstart a short-term weight loss attempt.

Keeping up with your exercise routine and staying active, even if it’s squeezing in a 30 minute HIIT session, will help you achieve the caloric deficit you are after. Weight training or any form of exercise that raises the heart rate is your best bet, making sure you keep hydrated with at least two litres of water per day.

Intermittent fasting can also be a great way to achieve a short-term weight loss goal. There are many variations of intermittent fasting which have become popular in recent years, some like time-restricted eating; ensuring they only consume calories between two fixed times each day, for instance 10am – 6pm, whereas others take the 5:2 approach. Everybody is different so finding what works best for you is the simplest and most effective approach to take.

Maintaining this concentrated effort for two weeks will help you drop those stubborn pounds but it is important to remember this is only for the short term. Maintaining a healthy balanced diet and exercising regularly will always trump quick fix strategies and ensure you achieve your long term aims without the need for yo-yo dieting.

Amy’s Top 5 Tips

Achieve a caloric deficit

Keep exercising!

Sleep lots

Drink plenty

Give intermittent fasting a go

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