The Most Successful Opening Week for Any Gym, Anywhere at Any Time*

Craig David isn’t the only one to have had a good Seven Days

It’s hard to believe we have only been open for a week. The feedback from both members and guests using the gym has been overwhelming and best of all, nothing has broken!

Muay Thai Kickboxing and Olympic Weightlifting classes have been fit to burst with waiting lists for lots of their sessions. The gym floor has been used for everything from bodybuilding to CrossFit and members are putting weights away. What more could we ask for?

Each day new people walk in to Athlete Movement for the first time and make the choice to train hard to achieve a goal. We have members who are training for competitions, for enjoyment, to look better and people who have never stepped foot in a gym before.

The main highlight of our opening week has been the community that is starting to build. This isn’t a gym where members ignore each other and pass like ships in the night. Our members are building something themselves and we couldn’t be happier.

*these claims may not hold up in court